AUTISME SANS LIMITES (ASL) is a charitable organization that fosters personal fulfillment and social inclusion of autistic adults without intellectual disabilities.

ASL partners with pillars of our society to create socially-balanced life and training environments to develop their autonomy and help them reach their full potential, while preventing isolation and subsequent mental health problems.

A person’s worth can be measured
by how they view differences in others
A society’s greatness is measured
by how it supports those most in need

Our Mission

  1. Foster personal fulfillment and social inclusion of Asperger and high-functioning autistic adults within a “recreational and training ecosystem” where we strive to meet their overall needs.
  2. Increase accountability within the community in the support of autistic adults by mobilizing key community stakeholders* in supporting ASL’s ecosystem.
  3. Create a model of collective support for autistic adults that, once validated, can be replicated in any urban setting where the community will come together to implement it.

*Governments, municipalities, academic community, business community, arts community, local community, autism community, elderlies, and autistic adults and young non-autistic adults.

Young autistic adults are excluded from society once they finish their schooling. At that time, whether they have obtained a diploma or not, very few of them have reached the level of maturity required or acquired the essential social competencies needed to get a job and keep it. A most difficult transitional period then begins and in a very short lapse of time, the young autistic person goes through a period of upheaval that can become breeding ground for the emergence or worsening of mental health disorders:

  • Loss of daily life structure: no schedule, nowhere to go
  • Loss of reference points: familiar school environment and a socially-balanced environment
  • Loss of one’s self-esteem and identity: no longer a student but not a worker
  • Social rejection at the age of sexual awakening and intense intimate relationships
  • Pressure from new expectations of them they cannot meet
  • Awareness of the absence of future prospects and loss of dreams
  • Isolation, boredom, and idleness

Adapted support is vital for them during this transitional period between school and active life, to avoid the development of mental health disorders that disable them much more than autism itself. For many of them, the success or failure of their lives will be determined during this sensitive period of transition.

A global vision, an innovative model

ASL proposes a global, innovative, and structuring solution to social exclusion of autistic adults without intellectual disabilities, based on the necessity of meeting their overall fundamental needs.

Fulfillment and life balance of a human being are vital prerequisites to their professional and social success, to their happiness and achievements. In fact, fulfillment and a healthy and balanced level of development require that their fundamental needs be satisfied.

Within the recreational and training environments of the ecosystem, young autistic adults can take advantage  of the recreational and social clubs in addition to psychosocial training and to hands-on workshops set up at the heart of the community–in schools, businesses, and institutions— where we work to meet all off their needs.

Our vision fits within the humane trend of scientific thinking for autism by drawing upon concepts such as the Universal Design, Neurodiversity, and Self Advocacy.

At Autisme sans limites

We want to help young autistic adults break out of isolation and

support them in building full and meaningful lives!

Mobilizing the entire community

By directly involving key community stakeholders in its ecosystem project, ASL generates collective responsibility in supporting autistic adults and creates a model that, once validated, can be replicated in any urban setting where the community will come together to implement it, here in Quebec or anywhere in the world.

The ASL model is a socially much more economical solution than keeping these thousands of adults isolated and dependant on the government and their families for the rest of their lives.

At AUTISME SANS LIMITES we believe autistic people can actively participate in community life if we help them in developing their full potential in inclusive environments where they are acknowledged as full human beings.

At AUTISME SANS LIMITES we know these people have unique abilities and a different view of the world that could be put to use for the greater benefit to society, provided we help them find their place among us.