For the pure pleasure of being together!

The heaviest burden is to exist without living
                                                                      Victor Hugo

Social and recreational clubs to break out of isolation, broaden one’s network of friends, develop the feeling of being part of a group, and have life-enhancing experiences vital to a well-balanced development. And who knows…

maybe meet one’s soulmate!

Autisme sans Limites launches

The young people’s PUB!

An exceptional recreational, training, and social meeting area! A Base Camp for our young autistic and non-autistic adults …

This is where we will hold our Clubs’ recreational activities and our Academy’s trainings.

  • Games, music, singing, dancing, sharing
  • Lectures, seminars
  • A variety of workshop trainings
  • Theme nights
  • Special events

*Please note that alcohol and cannabis are strictly forbidden at all of our activities.


Our famous SOIRÉES D’ANTAN Club! Afternoons and evenings playing board games, just like in the good old days! Over one hundred games for all likes, levels, and talents. For a few hours at a time, we turn off all electronic devices, televisions, computers and…we have fun among friends!


Info or to sign up: 514 966-5685 or

Please note that once registered in any training offered by Autisme sans limites, a person is automatically signed up in our clubs and can attend as they wish. Other CLUBS will open up according to demand, needs, and interests …