REMROV, professional illustrator

Remrov is a young autistic and self-taught illustrator who specializes in realistic drawings of animals. His autism makes him see animals and the world in minute detail, which he reproduces in his drawings. In a social context, however, he finds it very difficult to concentrate because of all the small details that bombard his senses all at the same time.  But when he draws animals, he can focus all his attention on his drawing, which is why he is so passionate about his art.

Remrov grew up in the Netherlands and immigrated to Montreal in 2013. As a youngster he couldn’t understand the world around him, so he would spend his days imitating the people around him. He slowly found his own language which gave him the courage to express himself.

Today, Remrov provides lectures on autism and produces videos in which he shares his life experiences with the people who wish to learn more about this condition.

To view Remrov’s work: