ASL’s Ecosystem

A recreational and educational ecosystem that meets the needs of young Asperger and high-functioning autistic adults, as illustrated in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

The Clubs

Social and recreational Clubs for
young autistic and non-autistic adults to:

  • Laugh, talk, share…
  • Try out new activities, develop new interests and aptitudes…
  • Hang out with guys and girls just like us…
  • Have the pleasure of being together, be part of a group, no longer be alone…
  • Make friends, increase our social network, and who knows… maybe meet one’s soulmate!

The Academy

Environments for continued development that meet a wide variety of needs:

  • Courses to enrich our culture, broaden our horizons, discover new interests
  • Workshop to develop our autonomy and build our life project
  • Psychosocial trainings to get to know ourselves and develop tools to confront our challenges
  • Conferences and visits to enhance our motivation, be inspired, create wonderful encounters, discover our community

The Studio

Diversified workplaces, set up at the heart of the community in businesses and schools

  • Have hands-on work experience in actual work environments
  • Develop our competencies and social skills in the workplace
  • Know ourselves better, discover our talents and interests to make sound choices
  • Enrich our career path, portfolio, and CV
  • Develop good habits that will help in the transition to the job market and increase our chances of success!


Our Headliners